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Asset Identification

TechLAB-CMMS have extensive module of Asset identification.

Useful For

  • IT Asset identification

  • Industrial Asset identification

  • Office Assets identification

  • Fix & Furniture Identification

  • Digital Assets identification

  • Files identification (suitable for Law firms, Hospitals and Manufacturing)

“TechLab-CMMS enables your assets with Bar-code , QR code and RFID identification”

Hundred of options are available to identify your assets with barcode, QR code or RFID.

TechLAB-CMMS provides consultancy to select identification method.

Following activities are covered

  • Asset registration ( Name, Code, Department etc..)

  • Asset categorization

  • Asset Specification (depends of assets group specification can be different)

  • Asset Pictures

  • Asset documents upload

  • Asset Location

  • Asset purchase details

  • Asset specification manuals

  • Asset maintenance manual

  • Asset support manual

  • Asset user guide

  • Asset allocation

Multi device Support

Techlab-CMMS Asset identification module can be operated from mobile devices, handheld devices and laptop or tablet. Our mobiles app have inbuilt bar-code-QR code and RFID reading capabilities.

  • Tablet

  • Handheld device (All major brands brand devices are supported)

  • Laptop

  • Mobile devices or phones


Techlab-CMMS can be integrated with SAP or EAM modules of popular business suit.

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