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Manage work orders for repairs and preventive maintenance with ATL-Cmms simple work order module.

Easily prioritize and assign work orders

  • Assign reactive or preventive maintenance work orders to technicians.

  • View every work order from a list or calendar format.

  • Filter work orders by assigned technician, asset, location, and priority level.

Track time and costs

  • Track time, parts, and additional costs within each work order.

  • Review trends and insights into work order costs to lower maintenance spend.

  • Document time spent on work orders and optimize wrench time.

Reduce equipment downtime

  • Assign scheduled work orders to technicians to ensure equipment runs reliably.

  • Studies show that companies can save an average of 12 to 18 percent in costs by investing in preventive maintenance.

Increase equipment lifespan

  • Get more out of your assets.

  • ATL-Cmms customers in manufacturing have seen their equipment lifespans increase by up to 11%.

Optimize your maintenance today.

Work request generation

Work order

Time tracking

Work assignment

Multi-asset work orders

Cost tracking

Work order tagging and scanning


Custom fields

Unlimited work requests of PM, CAL, Cleaning, Monitoring or any kind of schedule are generated by system as per the due dates.


Users can sort and track all submitted requests

Indicate maintenance type, priority, status, and more


Attach files and images to the work order such as manuals or an image of the issue


Suggest parts needed for repair

Set work order due dates, execution date and time


Indicate estimated hours on work orders and labor tasks to compare actual completion time against estimates

Assign, batch assign, and automatically assign work orders to a user, multiple users, or a group of users

Create multi-asset work orders and repurpose task lists

Track parts usage, labor hours, and other miscellaneous costs to calculate total work order cost

Quickly find and pull up work orders on the mobile app with a QR-Barcode code scan

Collect electronic signatures on work orders


Sign work orders with a touch screen on the  app

Create your own custom profile of checkpoints to track additional information

Zero missing maintenance dates


Users will be alerted well in advanced for the maintenance due dates

Include supporting information with a work order so technicians know what to expect and can resolve the issue faster

Classify work orders to make it easy to search, group, and report on work orders

Understand how long it takes to complete work orders to improve planning and understand cost of repair

Determine KPIs such as overdue work orders, scheduled compliance, and more

Build accountability and know exactly who is responsible for what work.

Cut down on admin time

Reduce clutter and simplify work orders Work order tagging and scanning   

Know how much your assets and work orders are costing you to make better repair/replace and budgeting decisions

Each work order is automatically tagged with a printable QR-barcode code

Increase accountability and improve quality assurance with required work orders

Show compliance with industry regulations

Customize your checkpoints based on the way you run your operations

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