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Back to Fiction: Industry 4.0



Most industries today have to the extent possible adapted and implemented the automation of machines and processes brought forward by Industry 3.0. The new mantra of the next era of industrialization is the end-to-end digitization of all production assets and the integration of both vertical and horizontal value chains into one digital ecosystem. Generating, analyzing and communicating data seamlessly is a prerequisite and it relies on a wide range of integrated networks and technologies to create value and drive competitiveness.

TechLAB-CMMS Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) bring your organization a step further in the Industry 4.0 transition by providing Analytics, Mobility, Integration, SaaS and IoT solutions that will help you work smarter and more efficient.

Create Rel Implementing i4.0 initiatives in your production can help you achieve cost savings on many levels. When integrating the planning and scheduling of manufacturing processes by combining data from within the enterprise – from sensors all the way through to ERP systems – with information from inventory levels, product development or current market dynamics the vertical integration takes a big step forward.

But also such initiatives can also increase the horizontal integration of your value chain as the shop floor planning improves asset utilization and overall productivity. In addition, optimization of repair and maintenance schedules through the use of predictive algorithms can effectively reduce downtime for key assets.

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