Asset Lifecycle Management

Asset hierarchy

Multi-site management

Asset tagging and scanning

Asset categories

Rotating assets

Import tool

Arrange your assets in a hierarchical tree

Run reports filtered by parent-child relationships   

Sort, view data, and organize users by site


 Roll-up all site data in real time and in multiple languages, and understand maintenance KPIs based on site

Automatically generate QR codes and barcodes for all of your assets


Continuous label printing for asset tags


Scan tags with your mobile app to pull up asset records

Create custom categories to group similar assets together


Establish SOPs by automatically assigning task sequences to all work orders associated with an asset category

Track your rotating assets and spares as they move between sites, suppliers, or contractors

Approve or reject asset moves

Import existing assets from CSV or excel to easily migrate from other systems

Better visualize where assets are organized in your facility

Easily locate your assets

Get a complete view of maintenance across multiple sites around the world in one central location

Benchmark sites against one another to understand what is and isn’t working

Easily identify assets

Quickly pull up asset information

Automatically attach SOPs to similar assets to ensure consist work across assets

Understand KPIs by asset category grouping

Keep track of your assets and understand exactly where they are when they were moved

Upload all assets, asset hierarchy, asset categories, and more in one click to easily set up your ATL CMMS