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Asset Tracing & Tracking

TechLAb-CMMS has extensive module of Asset Tracking & Tracing Capabilities

  • IT asset tracking

  • Fix Asset tracking

  • industrial Asset tracking

  • Raw Material Tracking

  • Vehicle Tracking

  • Files Tracking

  • Spare-parts tracking

  • finished goods tracking

  • Tools Tracking & Tracing

How does Asset Tracking Solution work?

The Asset Tracking Solution works using asset and people tracking tags. These tags identify the assets and people being tracked by communicating their locations to gateways placed at different planned points. This tracking happens on an intermittent manner and these traces are maintained. The gateways act as markers to identify where the asset currently is placed. The gateways are connected to the cloud-based or a central server and they keep sending the track and trace data. The web based dashboard provides the process stages and the locations of the assets in these stages along with others operational data. Thus the solution as a whole provides a remote mechanism for tracking and tracing of your assets.


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