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Pharmaceutical & healthcare Asset Management
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Asset Acquisition

  • Raise PO and Inward Assets

  • Option for Quality Check of Assets

  • Bulk In-warding

  • Bulk Import for pre-existing Assets

  • Asset Level Bar Code Generation

  • Asset Level QR Code Generation

  • Capturing manufacturer Asset Serial Numbers

  • Location level Assets mapping

  • Employee level Asset tracking

  • Capture Assets Photos

  • Purchased/Leased Assets Details

  • Brand New/Used Assets Details

  • GST Compliances

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Warranty, Insurance, and Installation

  • Capture assets Warranty details

  • Capture extended Warranty details

  • Auto alert for warranty renewal

  • Capture Insurance details

  • Auto alert for Insurance renewal

  • Track Asset installation

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Calibration management

  • Schedule Calibration

  • Raise Calibration Request

  • Track Asset Calibration History

  • Onsite & Outside Calibration

  • In-house & 3rd party calibration

  • Calibration certificates

  • Raw calibration data collection (check points)

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Human Resource Consumption management

  • Assign manpower against schedule maintenance

  • Raise work order

  • Track men hours consumptions against work order and type of work

  • Analysis of manpower consumption across plant, department, asset and work orders.

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Safety Permission management

  • Ensure safety permission issuance before maintenance execution 

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  • Flexible Depreciation Rule

  • Depreciation at Group/Sub-group level

  • Depreciation based on residual value

  • Depreciation based on Installation date

  • Depreciation as per Income Tax Rule

  • Depreciation as per Company Policy

  • Multi- Shift depreciation option

  • Assets Disposal Option

  • Asset Acquisition report as per Income Tax Act

  • More than /less than 180 days report

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  • Automated Asset Level Fixed Asset Register

  • Fixed Asset Movement Register

  • Depreciation Reports as per Company Rules

  • Depreciation Reports as per Income Tax Rules

  • Assets Disposal Report

  • Asset Acquisition report

  • More than 180 days and less than 180 days report

  • Location level Assets Register

  • Employee Level asset register

  • Custom Reports

  • Excel/CSV/PDF reports

  • Auto Reports on email

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Compliant Products

  • USFDA 21 CFR part 11 Compliant

  • UKMHRA & GMP Compliant

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Asset Tracking

  • Track Assets at User level

  • Track Assets by Unique Bar Code/QR Code

  • Track Assets based on locations

  • Track assets based on Grouping /Subgrouping

  • Bulk Assets Transfer

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Preventive Maintenance

  • Schedule Maintenance

  • Raise Service Request

  • Track Asset Services

  • Raise Material Request against Asset

  • Issue Materials for Stock Repairs

  • Get Consumable consumptions at asset level

  • Upload and Track Service Closure details

  • Auto alerts for upcoming maintenance

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Breakdown Management

  • Breakdown event registration

  • Raise Breakdown Service Request

  • Track Asset Breakdown History

  • Raise Material Request against Asset

  • Issue Materials for Stock Repairs

  • Get Consumable consumptions at asset level

  • Upload and Track Service Closure details

  • Auto alerts for repeated breakdown maintenance

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Injury Management

  • Record injury events

  • why why analysis of the event

  • alerts on repeated events against same manpower or asset or department

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Physical Verification

  • Ease of Physical Verification of assets

  • Prepare Asset Verification list

  • Single Click Mobile Asset Verification

  • Verification through QR Code Scanning from Your mobile

  • Fastest Physical Verification Completion

  • Tag Damaged Assets while verification

  • Generate Verification reports

  • Generate Missing assets report

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  • Automatic Depreciation as per Company Rule

  • Automatic Depreciation as per Income Tax Act

  • Automated Gain/loss calculation on disposal

  • Generate Sale Invoice for Assets Disposal

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Software Asset management

  • License Inventory

  • License Allocation

  • License Expiry

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